I'm amazed how much photography--particularly the sharing of images--has changed since I first started shooting Kodachrome slides many years ago. Back then, sharing photographs involved hosting a slide show once or twice a year in which a handful of people would view far too many pictures at one sitting.

Now, more than 170,000 people from 157 countries--including Pakistan, Tanzania, Iran, Ukraine, Sudan and Cambodia--have browsed through the pictures on this site. Amazingly, all 7 continents are represented as well now that a visitor from Antarctica finally joined the ranks a few months ago!

I am continually updating this site with fresh images, so please check back often. To view my most current work (or more accurately stated--"play"), click on the "Recent Images" link at the top of each page. The photographs from my road trip through South Dakota are also now available for viewing.

For my next trip (Summer, 2016), I will visit the 21 Missions of California. In addition to the missions, there will be amazing landscape opportunities at Mono Lake, Lake Tahoe, Joshua Tree and the California coastline. My itinerary also includes several interesting architectural sites in Los Angeles and San Diego. This trip will take just over a month to complete!

Thank you taking the time to view my pictures.

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Guestbook for Glenn Nagel Photography
amazing, nice and impressive pics, keep going.
Great Photos. love your work Glen.

58.Dora Truong(non-registered)
Nice talking with you at the First Baptist Church in America today. The symmetry upstairs should fit in well with the architecture photos I saw on your website. There is a kaleidoscope quality to many that I like particularly.

If you can get into the Providence Performing Arts Center on Weybosset Street downtown you may enjoy the interior, too. It was a vaudeville theatre in the twenties I believe. Rhode Island School of Design Libary is in a former bank building on the corner of Weybosset and Memorial Boulevard. The interior is quite beautiful with elevator doors by Daniel Chester French and the ceiling in the center of the building is vaulted. They will let you in if you sign a form.
I have gone through almost every single work you have shared here. They are brilliant and exceptional works. I always prefer to see the photographs in a raw manner, but a minimalistic editing can always be acceptable.

51.David L. Umphfleet(non-registered)
Simply stunning work Glen. Thanks for access to buying your calender. Your work is very inspiring. They say to study the greats for inspiration.. I definatley keep a close eye on your work. Thanks for sharing all your excellent photo's.
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