I'm amazed how much photography--particularly the sharing of images--has changed since I first started shooting Kodachrome slides many years ago. Back then, sharing photographs involved hosting a slide show once or twice a year in which a handful of people would view far too many pictures at one sitting.

Now, more than a quarter of a million people from 157 countries--including Pakistan, Tanzania, Iran, Ukraine, Sudan and Cambodia--have browsed through the pictures on this site. Amazingly, all 7 continents are represented as well now that a visitor from Antarctica joined the ranks!

I am continually updating this site with fresh images, so please check back often. To view my most current work (or more accurately stated--"play"), click on the "Recent Images" link at the top of each page.

Just over a year ago, I visited Oahu for 12 days of photography. Last summer, I took a long road trip which looped around the western portion of the United States. Most recently, I took a short trip to photograph Wisconsin architecture. My next big trip will be to Iceland in February.

Thank you taking the time to view my pictures.

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Very nice photos, thank you.
Nice Photos thank you...
Glenn, I really appreciate the quality of your shots. I am on the nikon cafe (rvusa) and enjoy reading your posts and looking at your work. You are an inspiration to go out and find something to shoot even though it's cold and colorless outside. :D
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nice photos
Your website is really cool, nice photos

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