Fotodiox and Vignetting

April 08, 2013  •  6 Comments

Late last year, I posted a blog entry about using the Fotodiox 145mm Circular Polarizing filter with the Nikon 14-24 lens. You may click here to view that entry. At that time, I owned just one Fotodiox filter. I tested the filter on the Nikon 14-24 lens at the widest focal length and noted that vignetting was not an issue.

Subsequently, I received numerous questions about whether vignetting would occur if a second filter was stacked on top of the Circular Polarizing filter. Recently, I purchased the Fotodiox ND32 filter. So, I was finally able to perform some tests regarding the vignetting with two filters stacked on the 14-24 lens. All images were captured using f/8 at ISO 100 with the Nikon D800. Here are the results:

No Filters @ 14mm (baseline)

No filter at 14mm

One Filter (CPL) @ 14mm

Circular polarizer at 14mm Two Filters (CPL & ND32) @ 14mm

2 filters at 14mm Clearly, the vignetting becomes a significant issue with two filters at the widest focal length. My next step was to determine the widest focal length that could be used while keeping the vignetting at an acceptable level.

Two Filters (CLP & ND32) is clean @ 24mm:

2 filters at 24mm Two Filters (CPL & ND32) introduces some vignetting @ 17mm:

2 filters at 17mm

At 16mm, the vignetting is becoming an issue:

2 filters at 16mm But, it's not all that bad @16mm after making a vignetting correction in Lightroom 4:

2 filters at 16mm corrected Vignetting is more pronounced at 15mm, of course:

2 filters at 15mm But, somewhat improved after correcting for vignetting in Lightroom--especially if the image is to be cropped away from the edges at all:

2 filters at 15mm Based upon these results, I will probably try to shoot at the 16mm or higher focal lengths if I ever stack two filters together on the Nikon 14-24. For most of my photography, I will only be using one filter. And, with one filter vignetting is not a concern at all.


Andrew Waddington(non-registered)
I just bought the Nikon D810 with the 14-24mm and the Fotodiox system. I get quite bad vignetting at 14mm with JUST the polarizer. It's significantly worse when focussed close up. At infinity it's all but gone. I spoke to Fotodiox and they say they've NEVER had anyone before with that problem. I then checked my filter system with someone elses 14-24mm and on that lens there was no issue. Nikon then tell me that they don't recommend using any filter system.

I also tried the Polarizer and ND the vignetting is horrendous and only goes after zooming to beyond 16mm.

The dealer is prepared to take the lens back. I just wanted to mention this incase anyone is thinking of buying this system. To save a lot of headache I would recommend getting your lens from a shop, so you can test it first. Returning my lens is a hassle I don't think I'm prepared to take.
Glenn Nagel Photography

I saw the ND400 on the Fotodiox website. Thanks for your comments on that new filter as the 10 stop filter is the one that I've always wanted for my Nikon 14-24. The filter isn't cheap, so I was waiting for some feedback regarding color casts before placing my order. Thanks again, Glenn
Shane Arrold(non-registered)
Hi Glen, great review.

I've had the full kit for 12 months or so.

Just in case you didn't know, they have just released a ten stop which they are currently marketing as a "ND400"

I bought one and it arrived earlier in the week. I can confirm its a true 10 stops - in my test it came in at 10.25 stops (my Lee big Stopper is 10.3 stops).

I can also confirm that there is little to no colour cast! Amazing!!! What little cast is easily corrected in post-processing...

I am so excited to have this new filter. Previously I was stacking the ND16+32 but obviously was unable to use Grad too - and it vignetted up until 16mm.

Now, I can use the 10 stop (they should call it a ND1000) plus the grad and I'm getting perfect long exposures...

Hi rich,

I own the 16 & 32. Essentially it vignette's just as glenn described with the CPL.

Good news is it does give you 9 stops. Bad news is the vignetting and that the holder system can only take 2 filters so adding a grad is only possible hand held (and on long exposures that kinda gets difficult after a while).

Wish they'd make a 10 stop. Would solve all the problems I have with this kit. I like it a lot.

Glenn Nagel Photography
Rich, I own just two Fotodiox filters (the CPL and the ND32). As you know, the ND32 is the strongest of the neutral density filters at five stops. For now, if I need more stops I plan to combine the CPL and the ND32. At this point, I haven't used the filters much in the field. But, I expect to use these filters quite often during some upcoming photography trips. Glenn
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