"A Look Through My Lens" Published for 2016!

October 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The highlight of the year from a photography perspective was my 32 day road trip from Chicago to California and back. The primary purpose of the trip was to visit the 21 Missions of California. But, I saw many other interesting locations along the way. Unlike my past books which compiled my favorite photographs from the entire year, this book features images from just this one trip.

You may CLICK HERE to view a full preview of this year's book. It's most effective to view the images with pages of the book expanded to fill your monitor. I also recommend selecting the Dust Jacket version of the preview (positioned under the book).

I use Blurb to create my books. I'm very pleased with the quality of the product--from the binding and paper to the image quality. Producing such a small quantity of books makes the per unit cost very high. I make these available for purchase at the base cost from Blurb. Often times, promo codes are available through a Google search to lower the cost by 15 to 25%. I used the promo code FAM40 (available through October 18th) for a 40% discount!

This is the ninth annual "A Look Through My Lens" book that I've created. I'm tempted to create books that cover subjects such as the State Capitols, Places of Worship and the California Missions in the future.


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