Microstock Earnings Through September

October 01, 2016  •  4 Comments

My microstock earnings fell just under $900 for the month of September. iStock surpassed the $10,000 milestone in lifetime earnings earlier this week.

Following is a summary of my monthly earnings to date:


Glenn Nagel Photography
Hi Miku...I'm just reporting the growth in life-to-date earnings each month as reported to me by iStock. If there's a lag, the amount will end up getting applied to the following month. In the end, if I add up all of the iStock earnings that I've reported on my blog entries since the beginning, they total the same amount that iStock tells me I've earned since inception. Glenn
Hi Glenn.
How do you know your total September earnings for Istock by 1 October, when the earnings form partner program are still updated sometimes as late as the 24th of the following month (ie 24th October for September earnings)?
As far as I am concerned, I can only tell 100% what my full portfolio on Istock has earned in a specific month towards the end of the following month.
Cheers, Miku
Glenn Nagel Photography
Hi Raicu...I have about 5,000 pictures on Shutterstock and about 2,000 photos on iStock and Dreamstime. I have about 400 pictures on Big Stock and Fotolia. Glenn
Raicu Roland(non-registered)
Hy Nagel. Can you tell me please how large is your portfolio on each agency mentioned in the list? I'll appreciate it. Thanks!
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