Let There Be Light!

December 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

While visiting Denver, I walked to two historic churches in hope of photographing the interiors. The first church, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (opened in 1911), is within easy walking distance of the Colorado State Capitol. I photographed this church once before, but I wasn't satisfied with the pictures because the church was dark inside. This time, I timed my visit to enter the church at the end of a mass. I knew the church would be lit for mass.

Once mass ended, I waited until nearly everyone left the church. As the scene cleared, I set up my tripod and prepared to shoot. Just then, the lights went off! So, I walked toward the sanctuary and hoped to find someone who might consider lighting the church for the photographs. Fortunately, somebody was there and granted my request to turn on the lights. They gave me about ten minutes.

Cathedral of the Immaculate ConceptionCathedral of the Immaculate ConceptionCathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception at 1530 Logan Street in Denver, Colorado on July 18, 2016 I then walked to the St. John's Cathedral (open 1905). To my disappointment, the church was closed. The doors were locked.

Fortunately, the office was open. I asked if it would be possible to take pictures inside the church. My request was granted. I had access to the church for more than an hour. And, the lights were adjusted to my satisfaction! It's always a pleasure to have an amazing site like this to myself for an extended period of time:

St. John's CathedralSt. John's CathedralCathedral of Saint John in the Wilderness Episcopal Church at 1350 Washington Street in Denver, Colorado on July 18, 2016 Of course, I captured many more pictures of these two churches. I wouldn't have bothered if the interiors were dark.


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