Custer's Last Stand!

October 06, 2017  •  8 Comments

Over the past two years, my microstock earnings have been on a slow, downward spiral. I'm certain that this decline in activity is not only impacting me--it's an industry trend due to the massive influx of digital images in recent years.

As my earnings decline, my incentive to upload more images also decreases. One factor is that I sometimes have buyers contact me directly to purchase images...and when those photographs are available through stock for ridiculously low prices, the potential buyers typically go through the stock agencies for these same pictures. A few years ago, I projected that each new stock submission would ultimately generate earnings of $10 to $12. While this doesn't sound like much, when I upload 500 picture from a trip--I found the $5,000 to $6,000 in earnings to be worth making them available through the stock agencies. Unfortunately, new pictures are no longer selling at such a pace--despite my opinion that the pictures naturally tend to improve in quality as time progresses.

So, I'm making my last stand! I recently added 554 new images to my microstock portfolio! I will be closely monitoring the sales of these images. If they generate some income--even enough to offset some of the declining earnings of my existing images, I'll continue to play the microstock game. If they don't generate much income, this will be the last batch of pictures that I sell using this venue.

I'll continue to post my monthly earnings for quite some time so that everyone who reads my blog can continue to see this story unfold. Hopefully, my las stand will end up better than Custer's!



Glenn Nagel Photography
Hi Adao, I think there will come a time when it won't be worth sending new images to the microstock agencies. The challenge is one of supply and demand. The number of new photographs added to the portfolios of these agencies grows by the millions every quarter. With some many more digital cameras out there, there are far more people submitting images. People are willing to take less and less money for a download--rather than not sell anything at all. But, there comes a time when the amount being paid for an image drops below what it is worth to bother submitting it. Glenn
Good afternoon, Nagel? With all your experience, would there be any strategy to apply to keep up with changes in the microstock market and improve yields? will there ever come a time where it definitely will not pay to send pictures to the agencies?
Glenn Nagel Photography
Hi Leo, thanks for commenting and for viewing my photographs. Glenn
Thank you for your valuable insight!
I also check your portfolio on SS, what a number of photos and excellent quality as well :)
Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks Roman...having readers from places like the Ukraine is a most powerful motivation for me to keep writing this blog! Glenn
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