Microstock Earnings through September

October 23, 2017  •  9 Comments

My monthly microstock earnings came in at $871 for September. This amount is approximately the same as the earnings from last month and the earnings from September of last year.

Following is a summary of my monthly earnings:


Linda T. Saari(non-registered)
First i appreciate your earning list . Just amazing . Keep up continue sharing , thanks .
Glenn Nagel Photography
Hi Rachel...my contributions are sporadic. Many weeks, I don't submit anything. But, when I return from a trip I sometimes will submit 500 at a time. I have about 6,000 images on Shutterstock...and about a third of that on Dreamstime and iStock. I have about 1,000 with Fotolia. Glenn
Thanks for the info. Do you contribute to all agencies regularly? If so how many approx per week? Thanks!
Glenn Nagel Photography
Thank you! If I had known that Alamy could, on average, produce just one sale a month per 1,000 images, I wouldn't have bothered with them. I opened up a portfolio with Alamy and currently have 148 photographs there. Those pictures have been up for a couple of weeks. I'm waiting to see if those pictures create any sales...and won't submit any more images until some of the existing ones sell. If they do sell, I will submit another 150 and go from there.
Autumn Sky Photography(non-registered)
They say you can expect 1 sale/month per 1000 images on Alamy. I waited 7 months for my 1st one. But your photos are mind blowing quality, so you will probably have more success. But know that, if you have photo on both Micro-Stock AND Alamy chances are in won't get sold on Alamy (people shop around). Good luck at any rate!
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