Rand McNally Features my Photo!

October 30, 2017  •  5 Comments

Although one of my photographs has appeared on the cover of Rand McNally's 2017 road atlas all year, I just discovered that today! This morning, it was brought to my attention that my Bass Harbor Lighthouse photograph is on the cover. I captured this picture in Maine during my 2015 road trip through the northeastern section of the United States.

Rand McNally purchased this image through a stock agency. The stock agency doesn't disclose the buyer of the images to me--which is why it often take a long time before I happen to see, if ever, how my pictures are being used.

Here's my photograph:

And here's how it appears on the cover of the atlas:

The road atlas is being sold through Amazon for $13.46. I think I'll be ordering one!


Glenn Nagel Photography
Thank you, Roman
Roman, UA(non-registered)
My congratulation. Amazing picture.
Bud Green & Maureen(non-registered)
Great photo. You had to be proud of this one.
Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks Nils...I'm glad I got to the location early enough to figure out how to navigate the rocks to get down there and also to secure a spot among a lot of other photographers. I was set up about an hour before sunset. Just as the sun was setting, someone walked up right in front of all of us to set up his shot! The crowd reaction wasn't favorable (people were screaming at him)--so fortunately he backed off and I was able to capture this photograph. Glenn
What a gorgeous photo. It must have been a real thrill for you to see it. Congratulations.
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