Shutter Count

February 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Did you ever wonder how many times you've clicked the shutter on your digital camera?

Every so often, I check the shutter count on my Nikon D800. I purchased my camera back in 2012. It's five years old now--which is an eternity in this digital age of photography. Yet, the D800 still produces state of the art images today. And, its 36 MP sensor provides excellent resolution compared to cameras introduced far more recently.

The Nikon D800's shutter is rated for 200,000 exposures. By checking the actual shutter count, I get a ballpark idea of how much life is left in my camera's shutter.

To do this, I upload a recent picture to the following website:

I think it's best to upload a RAW file. For Nikon, I upload a NEF file. Sometimes this data is stripped out of certain jpeg files and therefore won't be visible. Here's the result from my camera:

After 5 years, I've clicked my shutter 85,647 times--that's just over 40% of its expected life. At this rate, my shutter should still be clicking well past the year 2023! However, I'm certain that innovations will prompt me to replace my camera far sooner than that.

One other encouraging note...several years ago, the shutter in my Nikon D300 failed. A failed shutter mechanism didn't end my camera's life. Nikon replaced the shutter for about $300 and my camera continued to perform like new for many more years.



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