African Wild Dogs Go Wild on Microstock!

March 18, 2017  •  1 Comment

Yesterday, one of my African wild dog photographs sold under Shutterstock's "On Demand" category. The photographer usually gets paid $2.85 for an "On Demand" upload. Shortly thereafter, five more pictures of African wild dogs sold.

Unfortunately, $2.85 is a decent amount of revenue these days for a microstock sale. Although I have averaged over $1,000 per month in microstock revenues over the past few years, my average commission per download is around $1.00. That means that it takes a lot of volume to make any money at all in microstock. I have to sell more than 1,000 images a month to generate that revenue stream!

Yesterday, the six African wild dog pictures generated $17.10 of revenue in a time period of just a few minutes.

The African wild dogs went wild on Shutterstock!


Nice going Glenn. Just shows how important it is to have more than just 1 good shot of any subject uploaded, for the purchaser who needs multiple pics.
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