Microstock Earnings through February

March 21, 2017  •  8 Comments

This morning, iStock reported earnings for February. So, I've updated my earnings report through last month.

My monthly microstock earnings once again exceeded $1,000. For the third month out of the last four months, iStock posted revenues in excess of $200. Fotolia generated $124 during the month--which is the highest monthly revenue from that agency since I started uploading there back in June.

Following is a summary of my monthly earnings:


Glenn Nagel Photography
Dawe, I have about 5,500 photos with Shutterstock and 2,500 photos with iStock. Glenn
Could you tell us how many photos you have in your Shutterstock and iStock galleries?
Thanks in advance!
Glenn Nagel Photography
Hi Steve...your input is very interesting. My Shutterstock portfolio is between two and three times larger than my portfolio at the other agencies. And, I basically submit to just four agencies. Glenn
Steve Heap(non-registered)
Hi Glenn

I've just come across your site - very interesting. I have similar SS earnings to you, but because I submit to around 15 agencies, I have earnings that are normally between $2K and $3K. Not sure how big your portfolio is, or if you have the full portfolio on Adobe Stock/Fotolia, but it might be worth investigating other agencies?

Glenn Nagel Photography
I'm expecting my iStock earnings to tank soon. From what I can gather, iStock is paying photographers a lot less now than just a couple of months ago. For the time being, I've stopped submitting images to iStock.
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