Microstock Earnings through February

March 21, 2017  •  2 Comments

This morning, iStock reported earnings for February. So, I've updated my earnings report through last month.

My monthly microstock earnings once again exceeded $1,000. For the third month out of the last four months, iStock posted revenues in excess of $200. Fotolia generated $124 during the month--which is the highest monthly revenue from that agency since I started uploading there back in June.

Following is a summary of my monthly earnings:


Hi Glenn

I mentioned last month that my iStock sales in January were also significantly up. I was hoping that this was the first sign of an iStock resurgence following the changes that they made. Alas that has not been reflected in my February sales, which are back down to original levels. It's great to see that your sales are still there at a reasonable level, but any growth doesn't seem to be across the board.
Hello dear Glenn,
I see BigStock do not want to sell.
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