Learning to Make Money From Your Photos

June 12, 2017  •  2 Comments

Each month, I share my microstock earnings in this blog. As a result, I receive many questions from photographers asking how they can make some money from their pictures. I almost always try to help. 

Recently, I came across another photographer, Steve Heap, who maintains a blog centered around the very topic of "making money from your photos"! The website is called "Backyard Silver". Through this blog, Steve shares his microstock earnings--and those earnings are approximately two to three times the amount that I am currently earning. More importantly, Steve's blog provides numerous articles that will help an aspiring microstock photographer to become more successful. For example, one of the things that I learned from his blog is how using "Microstock Submitter" can enable me to submit my images to more agencies far more efficiently.

One article that I would recommend starting with is the "Top 10 Ways to Sell More Stock Photos." I've been selling images through microstock agencies for more than five years now, and I learned some new things from that article.

In any event, I recommend that you visit Backyard Silver and take a look around. The site contains a lot of valuable information...from the Popular Posts to the How To Articles. And for those of you just getting started, you might want to order the "Getting Started in Stock: 2017 Edition of the guide to microstock photography" Kindle book from Amazon.


Glenn Nagel Photography
I came across the site after seeing an article about my blog on Backyard Silver!
It's funny that you've just come across the Backyard Silver website, because it is another one of the microstock contributor websites that I look at regularly. Two other good ones are German photographer Michael Jay's site http://www.michaeljayfoto.com/, and an Australian site Beyond Here http://www.beyondhere.com.au/.
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