It's a Triple Play!

July 10, 2017  •  2 Comments

On June 7th, my photograph of a mural in Austin, Texas sold three times within a five minute time period. It's a triple play!

Since I uploaded it, this image has sold more than 60 times through Dreamstime alone. Obviously, receiving 35 cents for a download isn't all that exciting. But, the image has generated more than $400 to date.

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Glenn Nagel Photography
Yes...most of my pictures are editorial. I shoot a lot of architecture--and obtaining property releases is challenging.
Bjorn Beheydt(non-registered)
No matter what it brought in financially, it is just plain fun to see your picture being appreciated and downloaded so much. And when it then even reaches the 400$ mark, well, it makes it even better :-)
I see it is an Editorial picture, do you shoot a lot of editorial?
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