Shutterstock Reaches $50,000

August 23, 2017  •  8 Comments

I reached a milestone this morning as my lifetime Shutterstock earnings topped the $50,000 mark!

Shutterstock activity has been in decline over the past couple of years. But, I never expected to earn more than $50,000 and to sell 56,000 photographs when I first started uploading images to the site.


Congratulations on reaching that milestone! I took a screen shot of mine too when that happened, its a keeper!

$100,000 next.... ;)
Mesquita FMS(non-registered)
Congrats my friend, very good.
Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks Steve!
Steve Heap(non-registered)
Well done - it is a great milestone to reach!
Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks takes a while to get things going in stock. Glenn
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