Glenn Nagel Photography | Microstock Earnings Through October

Microstock Earnings Through October

November 20, 2017  •  8 Comments

My monthly microstock earnings surpassed $1,000 for October. This amount is up about $140 from last month and is about $45 less than October of last year. I reached a milestone during October with life-to-date earnings exceeding $70,000. Also of note is that I submitted about 225 images to Alamy. During the month of October, none of the Alamy photographs sold.

Following is a summary of my monthly earnings:


Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks Kevin...we'll see how it goes in a few months. I'm not overly optimistic given the lack of activity in the first 45 days. Already, one sale went through and was later refunded.

Kevin Hellon(non-registered)
Hi Glenn, I note you have submitted to Alamy as I suggested. It will take some months before you start seeing some sales. Good luck with ot and I hope to hear of some success in the future


The comments about Bigstock are interesting. I started uploading to 123RF and Bigstockphoto 4 months ago. Uploading all of the same images to both. Since then 123RF has earned me $5.41 but Bigstockphoto has earned $28.81. That's over 4 months, not per month, but it makes it worthwhile to continue. Of course my portfolio is largely Australian editorial images, so it's quite a different offering to your US images. My portfolio on both is now about 750.
Glenn Nagel Photography
Thank you, Kaleb....yes, I processed the images from my long road trip. More than 500 of them are currently in my microstock portfolios. They are just now beginning to sell. Glenn
Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks Roman....yes, I've given up on Big Stock. I haven't uploaded a photo with that agency for quite some time. Glenn
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