Glenn Nagel Photography | Microstock Earnings Through July

Microstock Earnings Through July

August 22, 2017  •  7 Comments

My monthly microstock earnings came in at $889 for July. This July exceeded the earnings from July of last year by about $75.

Following is a summary of my monthly earnings:


Joe Tran(non-registered)
Thank you for posting your earnings Glenn. I'm just starting out but this has really helped put things into perspective for me and my family. I hope to build my portfolio to as good as yours soon. Thank you once again.
Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks Kaleb...

I just haven't tried Pond 5 or 123rf. Based on your suggestion, I think I will give Pond 5 a try.


I appreciate how you respond to questions. If you don't mind answering one more I would appreciate it.

I notice that you are not using Pond 5 or 123rf. Is there any particular reason you do not upload stock to these sites? 123rf is a bit annoying to upload but have a decent market, Pond 5 is very simple to upload and you choose your own price. With your high quality photos you could set some good prices on those, and even selling 1 every few weeks that would be worth it I would think.
Glenn Nagel Photography
Hi Mohammed,

With Fololia, I submitted mostly architectural and animal images. They seem to accept almost all of my church images. But, they reject my state capitol pictures--and those are public property! They accept some cityscapes and reject others. I can't see very much consistency in the way their inspectors evaluate the suitability of my images. I've practically stopped submitting to them due to the frustrations of that inconsistency.

I haven't tried Alamy yet.

I have mostly stopped uploading to iStock because it is a major hassle.

Hi Glenn,

May I ask what kind of images do you upload to Fotolia? Adobe Stock keeps rejecting images of cityscape and architecture since they don't have an editorial option. Also, do you consider Alamy at all?

I have had a bad experience with IStock since their ESP uploading system is kind of complicated and their approval process takes ages. Do you keep uploading there as well? Thank you.
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