Glenn Nagel Photography | Shutterstock Reaches $50,000

Shutterstock Reaches $50,000

August 23, 2017  •  10 Comments

I reached a milestone this morning as my lifetime Shutterstock earnings topped the $50,000 mark!

Shutterstock activity has been in decline over the past couple of years. But, I never expected to earn more than $50,000 and to sell 56,000 photographs when I first started uploading images to the site.


Glenn Nagel Photography
Hi Pawel...I think we are pretty much doomed. Glenn
Great job Nagel, you said the microstock is in decline, can you see an alternative where a reasonable return could be made, or we are pretty much doomed? Thanks and keep up a good job.
Congratulations on reaching that milestone! I took a screen shot of mine too when that happened, its a keeper!

$100,000 next.... ;)
Mesquita FMS(non-registered)
Congrats my friend, very good.
Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks Steve!
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