Glenn Nagel Photography | Microstock Earnings through August

Microstock Earnings through August

September 21, 2017  •  4 Comments

My monthly microstock earnings came in at $874 for August. This amount is slightly less than the earnings from last month and about $130 less than August of last year.

Following is a summary of my monthly earnings:


Glenn Nagel Photography
Yes...if the new ones sell and offset some of the declining earnings from existing images, I don't have a big issue with that. So, I'm closely watching the sales activity of the new images. I uploaded 300 images (and pictures that I consider to be of my highest quality) to Shutterstock about three week ago. So far, about 6 of those pictures have sold for a total of less than $5. Now, I know from past experience that it often takes months before new pictures gain momentum and start generating income. So, I'll wait and see. As I said, it's my last stand!
There can still be value in adding new pictures if that maintains your current earnings. My new uploads do sell. Not as well as I would like, and while they do not grow my total earnings they compensate for some of my older pictures that are no longer selling as well. It's like other work: you keep on putting the effort in to work but the income remains relatively the same from year to year. And if you enjoy it, that's great. I do most of my editing work on the couch, with my wife and dog beside me, while watching TV. So pretty easy money.
Glenn Nagel Photography
Yes...more and more uploading for declining money. I am going to do one last blitz...a last submitting 750 brand new images. If that doesn't move the needle I won't be submitting many more photographs in the future.
Thanks for sharing this again Glenn. Not really any different to what I'm experiencing: more pictures added but revenue either stagnating or holding steady. Except that my earnings are only about 30-40% of yours.
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