Glenn Nagel Photography | Microstock Earnings Through December, 2017

Microstock Earnings Through December, 2017

January 24, 2018  •  7 Comments

My monthly microstock earnings finished strong in 2017. Earnings for the month of December exceeded $1,000 and the annual earnings reached $11,400. Monthly revenues were up about $175 from last month and are about $270 more than December of last year.

Fotolia set a record for monthly earnings at $127. Shutterstock reported its highest monthly earnings since May.

I continued adding images to my Alamy portfolio, but had just one image sell through that agency in December.

Following is a summary of my monthly earnings:


Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks...I saw the 50% provision for Alamy sales. So, the numbers that I'm reporting include just 50% of the total Alamy sales. Glenn
Alamy contrib(non-registered)
Hey - just wanted to let you will probably only receive 1/2 of the money from your Alamy sales. It's sort of misleading, but Alamy takes half and you get half. At least that's been my experience. So each of your $10 sales are really $5 sales.
Bjorn Beheydt(non-registered)
congrats on the Fotolia record! :-) Too bad about Dreamstime... It's been going down and down and down for me too...
Bigstock is doing about US$10 per month for me on a portfolio that has reached about 900. Interestingly, since I started uploading to Bigstock and 123RF at the same time mid-2017, uploading the same images, 123RF has earned $11.77 while Bigstock has earned $49.61. There are some slight variations between the sites as far as accepted and refused files go, but the portfolios are pretty much identical.
Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks Nils...BigStock has been a complete bust for me. I have about 450 images there--but it's been averaging about $1 per month. So, I never upload to BigStock any longer. Glenn
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