Glenn Nagel Photography | Microstock Earnings through January

Microstock Earnings through January

February 20, 2018  •  4 Comments

My monthly microstock earnings fell just short of $1,000 during January. Monthly revenues were down just $15 from last month, but fell $200 from January of last year.

Fotolia set monthly records in consecutive months. Shutterstock reported its highest monthly earnings since May.

I continued adding images to my Alamy portfolio, but haven't had an image sell for the last seven weeks.

Following is a summary of my monthly earnings:


Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks Joaquin...that is very helpful. I have continued uploading to Alamy as I understand it might take some patience before things get going with that agency. Glenn
Hi Glenn,

I have been uploading to Alamy from March 2017, and my first sale was a month ago for $ 252.00 and the second one last week for $ 220.32.

Worth the time? I don't know, but those sales occurred after 9 months of uploading, and I earned more from them than from other agencies like Dreamstime or 123RF in the whole 2017 (with the same portfolio and a lot of downloads from each site). I have been only in this Microstock world for a year, but this is my experience with Alamy so far, which I share with you. Hope it helps.

Joaquín Ossorio
Glenn Nagel Photography
I also have wondered why BigStock does so poorly. Initially, I uploaded about 500 images...and then stopped uploading after I saw how few of the photographs were selling
Hello Glenn,
thank you for next article. I wonder why there are so little sales at BigStock. How many photos have your BigStock portfolio?
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