Glenn Nagel Photography | Microstock Earnings through March

Microstock Earnings through March

April 23, 2018  •  9 Comments

My monthly microstock earnings were $1,271 for the month of March. This is the highest monthly earnings that I've recorded since November, 2016.

My life-to-date earnings surpassed the $75,000 milestone!

Shutterstock reported its highest monthly earnings in 16 months. Fotolia posted record monthly earnings.

Alamy finally contributed to my earnings--hopefully. Alamy works differently from the other agencies that I work with. When an image is downloaded, Alamy reports the sale. However, it takes a while for a sale to "clear". In past months, I've had sales that didn't clear, and therefore the earnings were reversed. Of the $201 in Alamy earnings, only $20 has cleared so far.

Following is a summary of my monthly earnings:

Shutterstock applies an algorithm to determine the most "popular" images in a portfolio. The computation isn't clear, but certainly takes into account how many times the photograph has been downloaded in recent times. Some of my blog readers have requested that I share my most popular microstock photo along with this monthly update, so here goes!


Thanks Glenn.
Appreciate your comment & blog content!
Glenn Nagel Photography

Yes, I choose the category for each uploaded picture. I am not aware of a way to complete that part of the process in bulk.

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for your advice. If I may elaborate more, did you choose/click the category one by one (for the 'unfinished files')?
I notice that we can upload many files at a time, but I haven't found any batch category for category section (1 step prior to submitting the photos).

Thank you again, and wish you a good day.
Glenn Nagel Photography
Hi Leo,

With Dreamstime, you can upload many images at a time. I click on "Upload Content" and then I drag and drop pictures into the upload box. Once the photos are uploaded, then I go through them one at a time to select the categories. I enter my keywords in Lightroom, so those automatically get imported into Dreamstime along with the caption and title. I find the process to be relatively painless with Dreamstime.

Hi Glenn,

Sorry for the "test" message earlier. I couldn't leave any post yesterday, it said "access denied".

Well, again I visited your blog to seek for some inspiration hehe. And in this case, I notice that you got a huge portfolio on Dreamstime. May you share some tips/advice on how to upload such number on Dreamstime? I mean, it doesn't have feature like "batch editing", so I assume the submission process should be done manually, one by one. So I wonder whether you did it differently.

Again, thank you for what you've shared.
Wish you a great day!
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