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Surprising Sale

April 10, 2018  •  6 Comments

You never know which pictures are going to sell through the microstock agencies. Several years ago, I captured this picture of a stop sign on the side of a school bus. I uploaded it to passed inspection...and sat for more than 8 years at the agency with little to no activity.

Yesterday, someone purchased this picture for $350. My share of the commission was $85.


Thanks Glen and Nils :) I will continue working hard!
Miriam, I sold 26 photos in my first 2 months back in early 2014. And that was off the back of some very nice aerial shots from a hot air balloon flight, before high quality drones and therefore quality aerial photos became commonplace. A few days ago I passed the $10,000 mark on Shutterstock. Having said that, after the initial growth as I expanded my portfolio, sales have certainly plateaued over the past 2 years so enjoy the early increased earnings as you grow your portfolio.
Glenn Nagel Photography
Hi Miriam, one of the keys to generating microstock sales is to be persistent and not give up--especially when you are just getting started. Many photographers get discouraged and stop submitting files. The more successful ones realize that it can take months before sales materialize from images added to your portfolio. Best of luck. Glenn
Congratulations! Whenever I read your blog I am motivated to continue with the sale of stock. I've only been here since February. I do not know if they will be few sales in two months but I have only managed to sell 21 photos .. Even though I do not give up.
Bjorn Beheydt(non-registered)
lol, incredible how it goes sometimes isn't it? I also have those sales of pictures that are almost too stupid to mention, and have been sitting there for ages, and all of a sudden, they start selling...
Never for such great amounts though ;-)
Anyways, congrats on the (big!!!!) sale!
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