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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

May 22, 2018  •  3 Comments

Several years ago, I captured a photograph of a football crowd from my West Balcony seats at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Illinois. I uploaded the photograph, along with a very similar image from the same vantage point.

Since then, some buyer purchases this image nearly every day! This picture has sold almost 3,300 times for a total of $4,612.

As I still hold season tickets for Fighting Illini football, I hoped to capture another such image from my seats with a newer camera. However, two things have made this impossible. First, with the decline in the performance of the football team in recent years, the stadium hasn't been this crowded. Second, security prohibits anyone from entering the stadium with a camera that has a detachable lens.

I'm optimistic that the crowds will return to Memorial Stadium within a couple of years as I believe the rebuilding program is on the right track with coach Lovie Smith. But, I'm not yet sure how I can get around the camera restriction in the stadium.


For me it is a photo of a hospital emergency department entrance. Sells on average every second day on Shutterstock, plus sales on other sites. It is my best seller by a comfortable distance.
Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks Bjorn...and in the meantime, it sold again this morning! Glenn
Bjorn Beheydt(non-registered)
It's funny how these things go sometimes, isn't it? I've had about the same thing, but with a picture of a movie theatre, it was sold several times, every two or three years, bringing in plenty of money!
So, congrats on the great gift you've taken for yourself ;-) And I hope the crowded stadium returns soon! ;-)
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