As of June, 2009, I am proud to be partnering with the OYA Girls' Sports Program. I cover selected basketball, volleyball and softball events for the league. During those events, I capture "sportraits"--sports portraits of athletes in action. These types of photographs require an experienced sports photographer with professional gear. As a result, opportunities to acquire a "sportrait" of a child are limited. And, having photographs of young athletes helps to preserve wonderful memories. Prints also make great gifts for friends and family members.

Please click on one of the following links to view the photographs:

OYA Girls Basketball

OYA Girls Volleyball

OYA Girls Softball


I am also available to shoot individual and team photographs. Following is a link to some photographs captured for the Warriors--an OYA Boys' travel baseball team:

OYA Boys Warriors Baseball






While viewing any photo, simply click on the "Buy" button located on the upper right portion of the screen. After you click on "Buy", you will then be able to select your product. A variety of products are available, including numerous print sizes and other merchandise (e.g., buttons, trading cards, magazine covers, mugs, key chains, etc.). You can also purchase the original digital file if you wish...and then use that to print as often as you like at the lab of your choice (e.g., Costco, Walgreens, etc.). Or, you may prefer a smaller version of the original for use on a social networking internet site such as Facebook. Please note that not every photo can be cropped to every size. You will notice a category of prints called "Best Fit." This provides you with choices of print aspect ratios (i.e., 4x6, 5x7, 8x10) that work best for the pictures that you selected.


*Lower resolution (suitable for web usage on sites such as Facebook, no printing)

*Medium resolution (suitable for web usage on sites with larger images such as blogs and photo display sites, no printing)

*Original full resolution file (includes transfer of ownership of the original high resolution file for unlimited personal usage)

Please call for pricing information for customized processing such as Black & White conversions or special prints.

Shipping & Handling: Note that the shipping & handling charges do not increase as you add additional photographs (i.e., it's the same whether you order one 4x6 or fifty 4x6's). It's more cost effective to order all of your prints in the same order. Digital downloads do not incur any shipping or handling costs.