I'm amazed how much photography--particularly the sharing of images--has changed since I first started shooting Kodachrome slides many years ago. Back then, sharing photographs involved hosting a slide show once or twice a year in which a handful of people would view far too many pictures at one sitting.

Now, nearly a half million people from 157 countries--including Pakistan, Tanzania, Iran, Ukraine, Sudan and Cambodia--have browsed through the pictures on this site. Amazingly, all 7 continents are represented as well now that a visitor from Antarctica joined the ranks!

I am continually updating this site with fresh images, so please check back often. To view my most current work (or more accurately stated--"play"), click on the "Recent Images" link at the top of each page.

After canceling some trips due to the pandemic, I finally got back on the road! I visited some nearby locations--Des Moines, Fort Wayne and the Ohio State Reformatory. I also drove 2,000 miles around Lake Michigan! And, I just returned from an amazing road trip to South Dakota. Upcoming trips include an 18 day road trip to Utah and a 14 day trip to Wyoming.

Thank you taking the time to view my pictures.

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Guestbook for Glenn Nagel Photography
I, too, drive a Prius and you are such an inspiration! As a 78 year old Photographer, I still have a strong desire to see all of the USA on my terms and time. (I've seen the world as a sailor - US Navy, 21 years).
Your work is incredible!
Your work is amazing!
Thanks for sharing.
Your photographs are amazing, especially the architecture/abstract shots. I’m glad I found your site on The Photo Forum and will be visiting often.
Glenn, I wandered here following your post (butterflies) in dpreview - amazing photos, compositions, colors - awesome, thank you.
Sunil Talati(non-registered)
Wow! I saw your thread on dpreview and clicked your website link. Your photo composition and sharpness certainly are awesome.
You have inspired me to aim higher with my own photography.
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