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Connor Duesing 4x5 ratioConnor Baker 2x3 ratio (sepia version)Ricky Kwak (4x5 ratio)Connor and Aaron (2x3 ratio)Ian Welgat 4x5 version (desaturated version)Ryan Peters (4x5 ratio)Aaron and Brian Gaspardo 4x5 ratioDanny Hickey 4x5 ratio (sepia version)Ricky Kwak (2x3 ratio)Aaron Gaspardo (2x3 ratio)Connor Baker (4x5 ratio) desaturated versionIan Welgat 4x5 version (B&W version)Ryan Peters 4x5 ratioDanny Hickey 4x5 ratioConnor Baker 4x5 ratioRyan Peters 4x5 ratio (desaturated version)