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This collection contains photos of the OYA Eagles 8th grade basketball team from games played at the Sportsplex in Orland Park, Illinois during 2008.

NOTE: Prints are now available. To order, simply click on the "ADD TO CART" button located on the upper right hand portion of the screen. The text and frames will automatically be removed from any photo orders prior to printing.

If you wish, you can also order smaller prints (anything 11x14 or smaller), by calling me directly at 708-349-1467. I can then make your prints available for local pick-up to eliminate any shipping & handling charges.
Mitch ManningOYA EaglesOYA Gold vs. OYA EaglesPassOYA EaglesOYA EaglesOYA EaglesOYA Gold vs. OYA EaglesOYA EaglesTeddy HottingerOYA Gold vs. OYA EaglesOYA Gold vs. OYA EaglesTeddy HottingerOYA Gold vs. OYA EaglesOYA EaglesHawks'  basketballA little bumpHawks vs. EaglesTwo huddlesTom Kowalcyzk