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Four 8th grade basketball teams (Orland Park Magic, OYA Gold, OYA Eagles and the Hooptown Hawks) participated in playoff games at the Sportsplex in Orland Park, Illinois on Sunday, December 14th. Congratulations to the Magic for winning the tournament.

The lighting was particularly poor in the gym during these games. Nearly half of the overhead lights were not working. This severely impacts the image quality of the photographs
Mitch ManningMagic vs. HawksOYA GoldOYA EaglesOYA Gold vs. OYA EaglesOYA EaglesOYA Gold vs. OYA EaglesMitch ManningOYA EaglesTeddy HottingerOYA GoldOYA GoldOYA Gold vs. OYA EaglesOYA GoldOYA Gold vs. OYA EaglesTeddy HottingerOYA EaglesOYA GoldOYA GoldOYA Gold vs. OYA Eagles