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The Saganashkee Slough and Cal-Sag Channel are located just north of Route 83 on 104th Avenue in Cook County, Illinois.

Some of these images were shot starting at twilight and continuing 30 minutes past sunset.

The August, 2007 issue of Outdoor Photographer provided some guidance for these shots. Bob Krist wrote an article titled "No-Light Landscapes: sunset isn't the time to put away your camera." In that article he wrote, "Indeed, there's a period right after the sun sets, but before any afterglow begins, when the light truly is dull. It's worth waiting it out, however, and shooting when the twilight richens. I'm always amazed at how much better these twilight landscapes look on film or digital than they do to the naked eye, and you have to keep the faith and not pack in too early."

The first two HDR images included in this gallery are my first attempts at HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographs. I used the Photomatix post processing software to increase the dynamic range of these images.
Saganashkee SloughCal-Sag channel at twilightBridgeSunset over Cal-Sag channelBridge over Cal-Sag channelSunset over Cal-Sag channelSunset over Cal-Sag channelHDR image of Cal-Sag channelHDR image of bridge over Cal-Sag channelSaganashkee SloughSaganashkee SloughSlough reflectionAfterglow over the Saganashkee SloughSetting sunSunset over slough (HDR)High skyDuskCal-Sag ChannelSaganashkee fire cloudCal-Sag Channel

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