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I went on two backpacking trips in 1992 within a very short time. The first trip was from August 1st through the 8th with Scott Cummings, Mark "Appy" Jelke and Ron Hoshizaki. This trip got off to a rough start after our Nebraska campsite was destroyed by a strong storm.

I returned for a second backpacking trip from August 29th through September 6th with Pat Lukens and Jeff Nagel. Wintery conditions had already settled in as we backpacked in the western portion of the park.

Our plans to venture further west abruptly came to an end when Jeff's Toyota truck broke down just east of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. After a night in a motel, the truck was repaired and we stopped by Scott's Bluff National Monument in Nebraska on the drive back to Chicago.
Henderson storm damageHenderson storm damageEscape from the tentThe morning afterDrying out the gearResearching backcountry optionsScott CummingsAppy & RonChipmunkEast Inlet trailheadScott CummingsAlberta FallsLone Pine LakeGlenn and ScottThe LochRon HoshizakiJaybirdAndrew Glacier (B&W version)Backcountry dinnerBackcountry dinner

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