If you want to keep things simple and don't wish to read through the following ordering information, the easiest thing to do is call me. I would be happy to walk you through the ordering process over the phone (708-846-1466).


While viewing any photo, simply click on the "Buy" button located on the upper right portion of the screen. After you click on "Buy", you will then be able to select your product. A variety of products are available for most of my photographs, including various print sizes and other merchandise (e.g., buttons, trading cards, magazine covers, mugs, key chains, etc.).


Please note that each photograph is displayed on my website using a certain aspect ratio. The aspect ratio represents the length of the picture's width as compared to its height. Some photographs are presented with a width versus height ratio of 2:3. Photos with an aspect ratio of 2:3 are best printed as a 4"x6", 8"x12", 16"x20", and so forth. Photos with an aspect ratio of 4:5 are best printed as 4"x5", 8"x10", 16"x20", and so forth. Square photos should be printed at a 1:1 ratio (5"x5", 8"x8", etc.), while panoramic images will have a much longer width versus height ratio.

Please note that not every photo can be cropped to every size.  For example, if one were to order an 8"x10" (4:5 aspect ratio) print of a square photograph with a 1:1 ratio, a significant segment of the image would not be included on the print!

To help simplify the ordering process, you will notice a category of prints called "Best Fit." This provides you with choices of print aspect ratios (i.e., 4x6, 5x7, 8x10) that work best for the pictures that you selected.


You will notice photographs on my website in a variety of styles: color, black & white, sepia and desaturated. If you wish to purchase a print, but would prefer to see it in a different style, please call me for pricing information for customized processing or for special prints.


Note that the shipping & handling charges do not increase as you add additional photographs (i.e., it's the same whether you order one 4"x6" or fifty 4"x6"'s). It's more cost effective to order all of your prints in the same order. Digital downloads, when offered, do not incur any shipping or handling costs.


Once you place an order, I will review your order to ensure that everything looks good before submitting the order to print. If the order requires any revisions, I will contact you to recommend the appropriate revisions. In the event of a revision, your original order will be cancelled and payment refunded. Then, you will be asked to resubmit the corrected order for printing.