Remembering Another Tragedy

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I just returned from my trip to New Mexico. Now, it's time for the overwhelming task of processing the images!

I thought I would start slow by processing the images captured during the last hours of my journey.  On my drive home to Chicago, I stopped for a few hours in Oklahoma City where I visited the State Capitol Building and the Oklahoma City National Memorial.
Here are some from the Oklahoma City National Memorial. As many of you will remember, this bombing took place 17 years ago (in 1995).  168 people and two unborn babies were killed. This was my first visit to the monument and I was stunned at the size of it. It's the size of a city park and quite impressive. Anyway, here are a few of the images.
Unfortunately, the skies were bright overcast with drizzle.
Gates of of two massive monuments that mark the formal entrance to the monument:
The Gates of Time (B&W version)
Field of Empty Chairs across the reflecting pool:
Oklahoma City National Memorial
Field of Empty Chairs. There are 168 chairs--one for each person killed in the bombing. The small chairs are used to represent the 16 children killed. There are nine rows of for each floor of the building.
Field of empty chairs
As Jesus Wept...across the street at St. Joseph's Old Cathedral, a parish building was also destroyed in the blast. Rather than rebuild it, the church constructed this monument of a statue of Jesus weeping with his head in his hands.  He is faced away from the site of the bombing (you can see the cyclone fence used to secure the site originally in the background). Jesus is facing towards 168 small openings in the brick wall--one opening for each person killed.  At times, candles are placed in these openings in the wall.
And Jesus Wept (B&W version)
Children's Wall...children from around the world sent ceramic tiles to Oklahoma City after the bombing.  Many of these tiles are displayed at the site.
Wall of tiles
Wall of tiles
Following are some individual tiles which I found to be interesting:
Wall of tiles
Wall of tiles Wall of tiles Wall of tiles Wall of tiles Wall of tiles Wall of tiles
So, I've processed the images from the last two hours of my 21 day trip!  This is going to take a very, very, very long time!


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