Call the Geyser Hotline!

September 27, 2012 - One challenge in photographing geysers is being there at the time of the eruption. During my visit to Yellowstone, I was...
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Touching Up Colors

September 24, 2012 - Sometimes, a photo can be improved by adjusting the colors in just a few small areas of the frame. This was the case wit...
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Lens Collateral

September 17, 2012 - While visiting Yellowstone National Park during my recent trip, I very much enjoyed taking photographs of the Prismatic...
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Slow the Shutter

September 14, 2012 - During my recent trip to Yellowstone National Park, one of the accessories I reached for most often was a neutral densit...
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The Land of Midday Shooting

September 12, 2012 - The vast majority of landscape photography takes place during the magic hours--the hours surrounding sunrise and sunset.
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Let There Be Light

September 08, 2012 - The Chapel of the Sacred Heart is located in Grand Teton National Park and is open to the public. While I was inside tak...
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When It Rains, It Pours!

September 06, 2012 - Two days ago, the editors at 500px selected my "Desert Highway" photo as an Editors Choice. The guideline used by the ed...
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One in Ten Thousand...

September 05, 2012 - Yesterday, the editors at the 500px website recognized my "Desert Highway" photograph with an Editors' Choice designatio...
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White Balance

September 03, 2012 - Every so often, the auto white balance setting on the camera does not render the colors as accurately as I would like un...
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Sometimes It Pays to Do the Research

September 01, 2012 - When taking trips to the national parks, I like to plan some of my photos shoots. I do some internet research of the loc...
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