The Forbidden Picture

January 30, 2015 - During my last photography road trip, I visited Jefferson's Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia. I planned to be at...
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Downtown Montgomery

January 26, 2015 - While visiting Montgomery, Alabama, I hoped to capture an image of the skyline. I thought that the Alabama River would m...
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Going Fishing

January 23, 2015 - Just over a year ago, I purchased the Sigma 15mm fisheye lens. Fisheye lenses have limited application. But, when a scen...
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When Sunlight is an Issue Indoors

January 20, 2015 - During my recent road trip through the Capital Cities of the Southeast, I photographed many interiors. When I approach a...
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Sensor Gel Part II

January 18, 2015 - A few months ago, I posted an entry about my experience with a new sensor cleaning product called Sensor Gel. Click here...
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Everybody Wins!

January 15, 2015 - During my last road trip through the Capital Cities of the Southeast, I photographed ten churches. The people in most of...
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Hoping for Rush Hour Traffic!

January 13, 2015 - Last month, I stopped in Atlanta for a day to photograph the Georgia State Capitol. Later that day I searched for a good...
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Surprising Tripod Restrictions!

January 10, 2015 - The tripod is one of the most important tools for my photography. A tripod allows me to: Select the base ISO setting of...
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