Niikon D800 Returns From Melville

June 13, 2012  •  2 Comments

Back on May 31st, I sent my camera into Nikon's Service Center in Melville, New York. Nikon performed the following:

  1. Adjusted the auto-focus operation
  2. Upgraded the firmware (to address the LCD blackout issue)
  3. General check and clean (including sensor cleaning)

I was pleased with the turnaround time of less than two weeks. Since the issues I was experiencing with my D800 were so sporadic, it will be a while before I know for sure whether the problems are fixed. But, I'm glad to have my camera back!


Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks for visiting my site. I haven't had an issues with my D800 since its return from Melville. I sent it to the service center mostly as a precautionary measure. The issues that I experienced were sporadic. For example, the issue with the LCD blacking out only occurred once. The left AF focus issue was only evident in a few photos that weren't sharp despite having the camera secured to a tripod. So, it's difficult to test as the issues are recurring. Knock on wood, I've had no issues since its return. Glenn
Hi Glenn,
Just happened upon your site as I too have an issue with my D800 and it is currently being addressed (hopefully) by the Melville service center. Was curious if you had the opportunity to further test your camera. Will give me more confidence if you've seen good results.

Thanks in advance!
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