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Look Down!

July 14, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Many times, I will look up and down in search of interesting subjects for a photograph. Sometimes, the most interesting subjects are right next to my feet!

While visiting Traverse City, Michigan, I drove to the Old Mission Lighthouse on a cold and rainy morning. When I arrived at the lighthouse, I was disappointed to see that the structure was under construction. Before getting back in the car, I noticed these leaves on the pavement:

Parking lot leaves

During one of my visits to the Brookfield Zoo, I captured very few images that were worth keeping. Then, I noticed these autumn leaves on the blacktop next to my car as I was getting ready to leave. The thing that attracted me to this scene was how the color of the parking lot stripe precisely matched the color of the leaves!

Parking space leaves

This technique also provided an interesting perspective for volleyball! I captured this image of a volleyball serve from the track that circles the gym from above.

Volleyball serve

I used the same technique to capture a different perspective of two fans before a game at Chase Field in Phoenix.

Two fans


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