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Texas Trip Itinerary

November 07, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I'll be traveling by car to Texas for my next photography trip. My preliminary itinerary follows:

Day 1- Miami, OK

Day 2- Glen Rose, TX (Fossil Rim Wildlife Center)

Day 3- Austin, TX (Texas Capitol, Auditorium Shores)

Day 4- San Antonio, TX (Missions Historic Park)

Day 5- San Antonio, TX (Missions Historic Park)

Day 6- San Antonio, TX (Alamo, San Antonio Zoo, SA Central Library)

Day 7- Rio Grande Valley (San Juan Basilica)

Day 8- Rio Grande Valley (Santa Clara Ranch)

Day 9- Rio Grande Valley (Santa Clara Ranch)

Day 10- Baton Rouge, LA (Louisiana Capitol)

Day 11- Jackson, MS (Mississippi Capitol, Old Mississippi Capitol)

Day 12- Little Rock, AR (Old Mississippi Capitol, Governor's Mansion)

Day 13- Little Rock, AR (Arkansas Capitol, Old State House)

Day 14- Little Rock, AR (Clinton Presidential Library, Central High Museum)

Day 15- Orland Park, IL

Of course, this trip includes more visits to State Capitols (4 of them to bring my total to 27). It also includes churches, a college campus, libraries and other landmarks. While in the Rio Grande Valley near the Mexican border, I'll be hiring a guide to assist me in capturing photographs of some Texas wildlife---mostly birds and small mammals.

Most recently, I added a one night stay at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. The facility is known as a top destination for wildlife photographers who aren't able to travel to Africa. I'll be staying in a "tent" near a watering hole for early morning wildlife photography. Overall, the trip covers just under 3,500 miles--a cakewalk compared to most of my recent journeys!

Unfortunately, Prius camping will not be part of this adventure. The early sunset times (before 6:00 pm) during January are not conducive to spending extended times in the smaller space. Instead, I'll be at my favorite lodging chain (Hampton Inn) for 10 of the 14 nights. Then, 1 night at Fossil Rim and the remaining 3 nights at the Guesthouse of the Santa Clara Ranch.


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