Waiting in Line for a Landscape

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While visiting Niagara Falls, I hoped to capture photographs of the falls at sunset and sunrise. My first photo shoot was at sunset. I arrived at the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side about 90 minutes before sunset. It's a good thing that I got there early. I noticed that the tall buildings on the Canadian side of the falls would block the light from hitting the water once the sun dropped much closer to the horizon. I found that it was better to start shooting earlier in the evening than I had planned.

Also, the place was packed with tourists. I literally had to wait in line to secure a spot along the wall to have a clear view of the falls! I estimated that the wait was 20 minutes before I could position myself for a shot. Even then, I had people bumping into me and kids crawling under my tripod throughout the shoot. This did not make for the most pleasant landscape photography that I've ever experienced.

In any event, I eventually captured a few images with this one being one of my favorites:

Horseshoe Falls In the morning, things were entirely different. I shot from the same location, but this time I was one of the only ones there. There wasn't another person within 20 yards of me!

Horseshoe Falls Horseshoe Falls There are also some interesting views from the American side of the falls. These were taken in the morning as well:

American Falls Niagara Falls rainbow

Niagara Falls is a spectacular location for photography. If you visit, I think you'll find the morning shoots to be far more enjoyable than the evening ones.


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