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October 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

While visiting the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), I planned to photograph the Simmons Residence Hall. As so often happens, parked cars, power lines and fencing make it nearly impossible to capture a picture of the entire exterior of the building.

Instead, I selected a small section of the facade while framing the image. I find that zooming into a small area of the scene will often result in a more interesting photograph.

To keep the lines straight, it helps to back away from the building. As one moves further from the building, the amount of vertical distortion is reduced. The issue here is that there is a cyclone fence located directly across the street from this relatively tall building. Fortunately, there was an open gate along the fence which allowed me to enter a baseball field across from the residence hall. So, I attached a telephoto lens and moved back quite a distance before capturing this shot:

Simmons HallSimmons HallSimmons Hall at 229 Vassar Street on the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts on July 26, 2015


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