The Churches of Raleigh

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While visiting Raleigh, North Carolina, the historic downtown churches were a pleasant surprise. I visited Raleigh to photograph the North Carolina State Capitol. While I did capture images of the capitol, I ended up allocating far more time to the interesting churches surrounding the capitol in every direction.

After wandering into a couple of the nearby churches with a fellow photographer (David Brown), I searched the internet to learn more about the churches along capitol square. I found this website to be a valuable resource as it references 8 of these churches. I visited 7 of the 8, and captured pictures inside 5 of them. Following is a list of the five churches that I photographed.

1: Christ Church on Capitol Square

Christ Episcopol ChurchChrist Episcopol ChurchChrist Episcopal Church (1848) at 120 East Edenton Street in Raleigh, North Carolina on December 11, 2014

2: Church of the Good Shepherd

Church of the Good ShepherdChurch of the Good ShepherdRose window in the Church of the Good Shepherd at 125 Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, North Carolina on December 12, 2014. All Saints Chapel of the Church of the Good Shepherd is a historic Episcopal chapel.

3: Edenton Street United Methodist Church

United Methodist ChurchUnited Methodist ChurchEdonton Street United Methodist Church at 228 West Edenton Street in Raleigh, North Carolina on December 12, 2014

4: First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian ChurchFirst Presbyterian ChurchFirst Presbyterian Church at 112 South Salisbury Street in Raleigh, North Carolina on December 12, 2014

5: Sacred Heart Cathedral

Sacred Heart CathedralSacred Heart CathedralSacred Heart Cathedral (1924) at 219 Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, North Carolina on December 11, 2014. This is the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Raleigh. I was welcomed by everyone I met at these churches. The doors to three of these churches were locked, yet someone always came to the door when I knocked. In every case, I was granted full access to the church. And, I was permitted to light the church for the images. The amount of cooperation that I received far exceeded my expectations. In return, I offered to donate any pictures that I captured to the churches for unrestricted use.

I'm pleased that representatives from two of the churches have visited my website and contacted me last week to request copies of the images. These images will most likely appear on the programs and websites of the churches. It's always nice to see my images going to good use.

To view a collection of my favorite images from the Churches of Raleigh, please click here.


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