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A Secured Photo Shoot

November 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

During my last long road trip, I visited Tucson, Arizona for a few days. During my visit, I captured some architectural abstracts while walking around the downtown area.

To take this photograph of the New York Life Insurance building, I had to keep moving back away from the building in order to remove some of the distortion that results from tilting the lens up. I wanted the lines to be as straight as possible in my in camera image. Before I knew it, I was standing well within the property of the Tucson Police Department.

A police officer saw me setting up my tripod and asked me what I was photographing. From where we were standing, the subject of my photograph wasn't at all obvious. I showed him the Live View image on the back of my camera. It was going to take me about 5 minutes to precisely line everything up before taking the final picture. He said that he would stand with my until I was done shooting--otherwise I would likely get hassled by other police officers to get off the property.

Once I finished taking this picture, the police officer left to begin his patrol.


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