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November 28, 2017  •  2 Comments

It's amazing how wide the perspective is from my Sigma 15mm fisheye lens.

Take a look at the display cases with the flags in this photograph of the rotunda inside the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing:

Michigan State CapitolMichigan State CapitolRotunda of the Michigan State Capitol at 100 N Capitol Avenue in Lansing, Michigan on November 6, 2017 The flags are positioned just off the floor around the rotunda.

While preparing to capture of picture of the inner dome, I laid down in the center of the floor. Here's that image:

Michigan State CapitolMichigan State CapitolInner dome from the rotunda floor of the Michigan State Capitol at 100 N Capitol Avenue in Lansing, Michigan on November 6, 2017.
The Michigan battle flags collection is housed in the state capitol. The original battle flags from the Civil War, Spanish American War and WWI were on display in the glass cases surrounding the rotunda. Now, these flags are replicas as the original flags are now kept in a special archival area for preservation.
Note that the flag cases are visible in the edges of the frame. The perspective is super wide.

Last week, I was taking pictures inside Overture Hall in Madison, Wisconsin. My host was sitting a few seats to my right while I was capturing photographs of the theater from the balcony. She was surprised when I asked if she would mind moving back a bit as she was still in the frame!


Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks Alvin...I enjoy using the fisheye in certain situations. When I first bought the lens, I was told by many that it would be a novelty and then I would be selling it after a few months. I've had it a lot longer than that now and I'm using the lens more often. Glenn
Alvin Tenpo(non-registered)
That is a really fun lens in the right situations. Your photos are stellar!
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