Glenn Nagel Photography | "A Look Through My Lens" Published for 2017!

"A Look Through My Lens" Published for 2017!

December 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The highlight of the year from a photography perspective was my 32 day road trip through the western portion of the United States. This Great Western Loop Road Trip covered 7,634 miles over a 32 day period. The trip took me through 16 states. At one point, I was just miles from the Canadian border. Later in trip, I was only yards from the Mexican border. At one point, waves from the Pacific Ocean rolled over my feet and filled my shoes with saltwater while I was photographing a sunset.

Unlike most of my past books which compiled my favorite photographs from the entire year, this book features images from just this one trip.

You may CLICK HERE to view a full preview of this year's book. It's most effective to view the images with the pages of the book expanded to fill your monitor. I also recommend selecting the Dust Jacket version of the preview (positioned under the book).

I use Blurb to create my books. I'm very pleased with the quality of the product--from the binding and paper to the image quality. Producing such a small quantity of books makes for a high cost per unit. I make these available for purchase at the base cost from Blurb. However, the book isn't intended for general distribution. I like to create one for my own records--and family and friends occasionally order books as well.

This is the tenth annual "A Look Through My Lens" book that I've created!


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