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April 14, 2018  •  1 Comment

It was a thrill to see one of my photographs featured in a full page of this month's Travel and Leisure magazine! I captured this photograph of the Palouse during my "Great Western Loop Road Trip" last summer.

Palouse in Travel & Leisure magazinePalouse in Travel & Leisure magazineTravel & Leisure magazine's April, 2018 issue featuring my photograph of the Palouse from the summit of Steptoe Butte in Steptoe Butte State Park near Colfax, Washington on July 25, 2017 Until just a few years ago, I had never heard about the Palouse. While planning for this long road trip, I was looking for an interesting location to visit between Spokane and Crater Lake National Park. I decided to stay in Colfax, Washington to photograph the Palouse region of eastern Washington. During my stay in Colfax, I drove to the summit of Steptoe Butte three times--twice for sunset and once for sunrise. The haze from the local forest fires diminished my results from the two sunset photo shoots. But, luck prevailed for a few minutes just after sunrise one morning--and I was fortunate enough to create one of my favorite images of the trip.


Glenn Nagel Photography
Hi Marcia,

All the photos on my website are available to purchase as prints. That particular photo can be printed as an 8x12" in order to capture the entire width of the image. Please email me at [email protected] so that I can send you further information regarding this. Thanks, Glenn
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