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Glacier in High Resolution

May 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

During my recent trip to Iceland, I visited a lake at the south end of the Vatnajokull glacier called Fjallsarlon.

Fjallsarlon LakeFjallsarlon LakeFjallsarlon, a glacier lake at the south end of the Icelandic glacier Vatnajokull, in Iceland on February 23, 2018.
CLICK HERE to view the super high resolution version of this picture!

I've been shooting with the Nikon D850 camera since November. It features an impressive 48 megapixels of resolution. For this picture, I decided to push that by creating a panoramic photograph consisting of 14 vertical exposures. I then stitched the exposures together in Lightroom. The resulting photograph is 23,200 pixels wide by 7,100 pixels tall--or a whopping 165 megapixels!

To view a high resolution version of the above photography, please CLICK HERE. Note that this high resolution version is only half of the resolution of the original file. It's best to view it on a computer monitor and to zoom into the picture and pan around.

Can you see the tourist in the frame? 


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