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July 27, 2018  •  2 Comments

While visiting Iceland, I was surprised at how crowded many of the sites were--especially considering that I was there in the middle of the winter. I discovered that many of the locations in Reykjavik were impossible to photograph at sunset due to the number of tourists in the frame at all times. However, the sites were generally clear of people at sunrise. And, getting out before sunrise is easy during winter in Iceland as the sun doesn't rise until 9:00 am.

One location that I hoped to photograph was the Sun Voyager sculpture. However, at sunset, people are lined up to take pictures of each other while they stand next to the sculpture. Many people stand right in front of the sculpture to capture selfies. It's a line of people that doesn't end until the light is gone and the photograph is no longer worth capturing.

So, I returned at sunrise.

The only problem is that the snow surrounding the sculpture had many deep footprints from visitors approaching the sculpture well before sunrise:

In my view, these footprints ruin the image. So, I cleared the footprints as best I could using Photoshop. Note how in the following picture I have activated the upper layer--the one in which I addressed the footprint issue:

And, here's the final image:

Sun Voyager sculptureSun Voyager sculptureSun Voyager sculpture in Reykjavik, Iceland on February 17, 2018

I returned the next day and captured a photograph of the sculpture that I like more--because I think the sunrise was more colorful the next morning:

Sun Voyager sculptureSun Voyager sculptureSun Voyager stainless steel sculpture in Reykjavik, Iceland on February 18, 2018


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