New Mexico Road Trip Photos Available For Viewing!

December 26, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I completed a three week road trip through New Mexico last month. It covered 4,240 miles over 20 days. I saw some amazing landscapes, some historic churches, a pueblo that dates back 1,000 years, a couple of state capitol buildings, a couple of very nice zoos, Route 66 and some really quirky things along the way (like the UFO McDonald's in Rockwell).

Please CLICK HERE to view my favorite images from this adventure.

This trip has kept me busy. Once the road trip came to a close, I had a lot of editing to do. So, most of my photography time was dedicated to this trip and very little to this blog.

I could easily write a blog entry about each one of the photos in this collection. Nearly every image presented a challenge of some kind...whether it be access, logistics, processing solutions and/or multiple exposures to address those challenges. Multiple exposures were used often for extending the amount of the frame in sharp focus and/or dealing with challenging exposures with extreme dynamic range.

I hope you have a very prosperous and Happy New Year!

Turquoise doorTurquoise doorTurquoise door at 2009 Calle de Correo in the historic district of Mesilla, New Mexico on November 21, 2019


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