Butterfly Wings

June 04, 2020  •  4 Comments

It's been a while since I used my macro lens. Sometimes you can see things that you wouldn't otherwise see by getting very close to a subject. That was certainly the case with these butterfly wings. I had no idea that the wings had such texture.

I captured the following images with my Nikon D850 camera, Nikon 200 f/4 Micro lens. I also attached Kenko extension tubes so that I could get even closer.

Butterfly wingButterfly wingCloseup of an Indonesian cethosia hypsea butterfly wing in Orland Park, Illinois on May 3, 2020. This butterfly is of the family Nymphalidae. It is found in from Burma to Indonesia and the Philippines. Butterfly wingButterfly wingCloseup of a yellow orange callicore cynosura butterfly wing in Orland Park, Illinois on May 3, 2020 Butterfly wingButterfly wingCloseup of a butterfly wing in Orland Park, Illinois on May 3, 2020


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Elliott Bignell(non-registered)
Lovely compositions - almost abstract.

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Glenn Nagel Photography
Thanks Hasibur...very interesting! Glenn
Hasibur Joy(non-registered)
A butterfly's wings are covered by thousands of tiny scales, and these scales reflect light in different colors. But underneath all of those scales, a butterfly wing is actually formed by layers of chitin—the same protein that makes up an insect's exoskeleton. Great work! Thanks for sharing it with us.
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