On the Road Yet Again...

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I'll be leaving home early tomorrow morning for my last photo trip of the year...

2014 will conclude with a December road trip to the Capital Cities of the Southeast! This trip will cover 8 capital cities (Nashville, Atlanta, Montgomery, Tallahassee, Columbia, Raleigh, Richmond and Charleston). There will also be other stops along the way, including Charleston, South Carolina and Charlottesville, Virginia. In the end, I will travel more than 3,000 miles and stay in Hampton Inns for at least 20 nights on this journey.

2014 was another great year for travel. The year consisted of four photography trips: Texas, Desert SW, Smoky Mountains and the SE Capital Cities. By the end of the year, I will have been on the road for 70 nights. Most days, I start my morning with an early breakfast in the lobby of the Hampton Inn. There are usually a number of other people eating breakfast--dressed in business attire and preparing to leave for work. I'm always thankful that I no longer travel for business. It's much more fun to be traveling as part of a photography trip.

If everything goes according to plan (and the weather and road conditions cooperate), the map of State Capitols that I've photographed will expand from this:

State Capitol VisitsState Capitol VisitsThis map illustrates my progress in my attempt to photograph all of the state capitols in the Lower 48 states (and possibly all 50 at some point). Currently, I've visited 31 of them. To this:

State Capitol Visit StatusState Capitol Visit StatusAs of January, 2015, I have visited 39 of the 50 State Capitols. 9 of the remaining Capitols are in the Northeast. Then, there's Alaska and Hawaii. I will also need to revisit Minnesota as I only captured an image of the exterior of that State Capitol.

Next July, I have preliminary plans to visit many of the Capital Cities of the Northeast. Eight months from now, there's a chance that I will have photographed all the State Capitol buildings in the Lower 48! Then, onto Hawaii...

To view my favorite State Capitol pictures to date, please CLICK HERE.


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